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The Importance Of An AABB Certification In DNA Testing Facilities
Almost every single country, including the United States has a thorough and extensive immigration process. During this process, the embassies may require you to submit additional information that will validate your biological relationship. This additional data is mostly required for families that are immigrating to another country. In the United States, DNA testing is one of the most important evidences that will be required, especially when you want to bring a family member into the country.

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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCI requires immigrants to undergo a DNA test to ensure your relationship with a family member. This also applies to other countries in the world that you may be thinking of migrating to. So how do you go about this process? The best thing that you can do is to look for a reliable DNA laboratory like TESTING4DNA that has an AABB certification. Here are some quick facts about the importance of this certification to your immigration process.

What Is an AABB Certification?
AABB or American Association of Blood Banks has developed guidelines or standards when it comes to parentage testing for more than 20 years. A laboratory that receives certification or accreditation from the AABB means that they have passed scientific procedures when it comes to DNA testing. This is one of the most important certification that reliable laboratories must have.

The AABB conducts laboratory inspection every two years. They want to make sure that every single laboratory meets their high standards when it comes to quality assurance. This means that you'll be assisted by qualified staff and that they do your family's DNA test accurately. You can be sure that you'll be able to get the right assistance when it comes to this important piece of evidence for your immigration process. This is why USCI only accepts DNA test results from laboratories with an AABB certification. Aside from this, DNA test results from laboratories with AABB certification can be used as an important piece of evidence in court.

Why Is AABB Certification Important?
TESTING4DNA is an AABB certified laboratory that can help you get the most accurate DNA testing. They can provide you the most conclusive method of validating biological relationships. Whether it is for a paternity, maternity, siblingship or grandparent age test, you can be sure that it can be done. You can be sure that you will have the results of your DNA test in no time. You can also stop worrying when you submit the results to the embassy. This is the greatest benefit that you can get just by going to a laboratory with an AABB certification.

TESTING4DNA knows that immigration is a difficult process that will take you years to accomplish. With an AABB certification, you can be guaranteed that your DNA testing process will be made as simple as possible. This will help you focus on more important things without worrying if your test results will be accepted by the USCIS or US embassies. You can rest well at night knowing that you are one step closer to being with your family in the near future.
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