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Each DNA test is run twice from beginning to end -- when your samples are received at the laboratory, they are immediately divided into two for a unique dual process.  No other laboratory in the nation uses this complete parallel testing process which rules out false results. 
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This ensures that our clients receive the highest accuracy of testing available today.  At the end of the DNA test, the results are compared and verified that they match by a PhD or MD.  This stringent process helps to rule out false results in the rare instances that samples become compromised. 

Together with the use of robots in most of the sample preparation steps, it eliminates the possibility of human errors such as sample switching and cross-contamination.  Other laboratories only run exclusions twice -- we perform dual testing on ALL samples.
48 Hours DNA Test Results & 100% accurate.
Extended tests can be run to guarantee accuracy.  Each case is entirely unique, and experienced technical staff is prepared to perform extended testing and analysis of up to 24 genetic markers in cases with unusual results due to genetic mutation or other unique hereditary situations.

With the world's most-recommended DNA paternity testing laboratory.  With many years of service, you can trust your testing to the world's largest private paternity testing laboratory, trusted by hospitals, doctors, and lawyers, with more referrals by more medical and legal professionals than all other DNA testing labs combined.  Used by 3 out of 4 private clients for accurate, legally defensible results. 

Time is of the essence when you're taking a test, whether it is to resolve legal issues or just to give you peace of mind.  We know too that a DNA is a very complicated process that cannot be rushed.  When your case is set up with us, you can be assured it will handled in a streamlined, efficient manner.  You will benefit from the latest technology, experienced staff and scientific work process.  This ensures that you get an accurate and timely answer.  It is very important for you to remember that all DNA tests ARE NOT the same.  We realize there are labs which make tremendous promises.  However, they do not meet the standards of our laboratory, and they do not run your samples through two (2) complete dual tests on all samples.  Our standard results are three (3) business days from the receipt of all samples in the lab.  We too can offer RUSH tests with NEXT business day results.

We take extra precautions to ensure that every single case is handled discreetly and confidentially.  No test results will be released to anyone without your written authorization.  You instructions will be strictly followed in all of our communications.  These procedures ensure complete privacy and confidentiality.

The processes our laboratory uses are designed for accuracy and efficiency, thus resulting in overall reduced costs.  The costs of a DNA test has significantly decreased over the last few years.  Due to the large volume of cases processed, the average testing cost has been reduced.  All tests are run twice for less than what other labs charge for one (1) test.  This translates to more affordable quality DNA tests for our clients.
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