African DNA Testing

African DNA Testing - The Different Types of African DNA Testing Methods
For most African Americans, as well as other people who seek to find answers on their ethnic ancestry, African DNA testing has provided an answer. Most will want to find out how much of their genetic ancestry and heritage can be traced to Africa, whether this ancestry is from their mother's or father's lineage, whether their physical features are an indication of African ancestry, and where their other remainder of heritage comes from.

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African DNA Tests That Can Be Used
There are quite a number of fairly priced African DNA tests which one can use to try and find solutions to the above scenarios on your ethnicity and it's ancestry. Most of these use very easy to use home kits, with a pain free method of testing. None requires blood, and depending on the company you go with, some will require that you use saliva, while others will use cheek swabs. Below are some recommendations one can use for the African DNA test.

Y - DNA Test
Men possess a Y - Chromosome which they pass to all their sons from one generation to another. The Y-DNA test is the test responsible for tracking this paternal line of ancestry. Due to the reason that the Y-chromosome is found only in men, then only men can take this test. The test is used to find matches that genetically represent a common ancestor, who is also a man. Since this test is also able to predict a man's Y-DNA haplogroups, then it can be easily used to indicate a paternal line's ethnic ancestry clearly, with many haplogroups being tied to origins in the sub-Saharan Africa.

mtDNA Test
Human beings, be they male or female, contain the mitochondrial DNA, otherwise referred to as mtDNA. However, only women are able to pass this DNA to their children. It is passed from mothers to all her children, and from her daughters to all their children, and so forth. This means that you and your mother's sister's children all have identical mtDNA. Although less reliable in comparison to the Y-DNA test, the mtDNA test can also be used in tracing one's ancestral heritage to confirm if they have their roots in Africa.

Autosomal DNA Test
This is an African DNA testing method that compares a person's DNA against a huge database of other users' DNA records to identify genetic matches. It is a test that is picking up in popularity, with genealogists, and more so, those who are interested in African American genealogy using it. A company that offers this test will have a database with which they compare your DNA to help come up with your family tree for the last few generations.

If given together with a population finder report, a person is able to compare their DNA with may other reference populations all over the world. Its simply a biogeographical DNA analysis for all your ancestors. This test is one of the most scientifically valid and ambitious African DNA testing that is available today. It is an African DNA testing method that can be used to even place your African DNA part in any of the four groups of populations, that is the Central African (Mbuti and Biaka Pygmy), East African (Bantu), South African (Bantu and San) and the West African (Yoruba and Mandenka).
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