DNA Testing in San Diego California

DNA testing San Diego in the state of California.
We can arrange an appointment for you that is located in San Diego
T4D™ can also provide DNA testing services to San Diego if you or your family member are located elsewhere we can provide DNA testing services all over the US and other countries worldwide.

T4D™ can provide DNA testing services separately and on different times for each tested party when living in different states or country.
Our Locations in San Diego can work with other locations around the world and in the US
This San Diego DNA testing Locations are all over the city we can collect samples in person or via mail please call us today at: 866 291 6501 or you can fill out our short form.

Paternity DNA testing in San Diego California.

48 Hours DNA Test Results.

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" we run all tests twice to get 100% accurate results for our clients"

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We are here to help any and all that needs to find out the truth about their loved ones. our DNA test results can be for your peace of mind or for legal purposes, the result of our DNA tests are final and cannot be challenged. T4D™ DNA test service is private & 100% accurate and the results can be used as a legal document. Please feel free and contact us today so you may begin your journey to the truth.
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