Why Choose Us?

Speed - We offer fast results.
The average turnaround for our standard paternity test is three (3) business days from time all samples are received in lab.
We also offer NEXT-DAY Rush day tests.
Some competitors take 4-6 weeks for standard paternity tests.
The approximate turnaround for forensic test is four (4) weeks, depending on the specific test(s) being performed.
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Specialization - It is vital to know that all DNA tests ARE NOT the same.
You want to know that the laboratory performing your DNA Paternity Test is a "speciality" lab -- they SPECIALIZE in DNA Paternity Test -- they are not a laboratory who specializes in drug testing and decided to add paternity testing to their list of tests performed.
You want a laboratory who can guarantee the most accurate and conclusive results -- NOT just fast results.
You want the one which is most trusted by attorneys, physicians and performs 3 out of every 4 DNA paternity test in the nation.
Painless Sample Collection
All our collections are done using a painless cheek swab.
There is no need to draw blood.
48 Hours DNA Test Results & 100% accurate.
DNA is the same whether it is collected from your mouth by a cheek swab, from tissue, fingernails, etc. or blood is drawn.
Accuracy - The advanced technology and measures of quality control guarantee results with a probability of paternity that typically exceeds 99.96 or greater%.
Peace of Mind - We want to help you answer the questions you have and give you peace of mind.  There is no need to wait any longer. 

Call us today to help you.
Dedicated Staff - We provide direct access to us through various means, i.e. direct telephone access, or e-mail.  We believe in direct communication with you.  You will talk to a trusted, caring professional.

Alternative Collections
Collections in our facility or mobile collections, on a case-by-case basis.
No matter where you live, we can assist in coordinating sample collections.  Even if the mother, child and father live in different cities or states, we can help you.
We also perform testing at correctional facilities, attorney's offices, etc.
Leave this difficult process up to us and we will make it as smooth a process for you as possible.

Communication - We provide direct, personal communication with attorney's, judges, child support offices, physicians, child advocacy groups, prison counselors, etc.
Caring and Compassionate - We truly care about our clients and do our best to handle your difficult situations as it were our own.
Convenient Scheduling of Appointments -  We request that once an appointment is scheduled, that you show up on time for your appointment at the collection facility. 

Should you be unable to make your appointment day or time, please give us a 24-hour advance notice and reschedule your appointment.
Special Appointments Available - We offer after hour and weekend appointments for special circumstances.  (Some collection facilities may not offer after hour and weekend appointments.)
Affordable Prices - Aside from all the benefits listed above, you will find that our prices are very competitive.
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